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◆ Mobile phone:(86) 760 - 22253802

◆ Phone:(86) 760 - 22253802 / 22253803

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About us
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The Zhongshan Yongning draft equipment will make the Limited company is a specialized production “forever China” the draft equipment product Major industry. “Strives for realism, strives for success enterprising the spirit of enterprise in line with the unity”, passes through 18 year fighting course, the enterprise development has been some scale. The company area more than 36000 square meters, produce the plant area more than 18000 square meters, star of - - Guangdong Province Zhongshan Xiaolan Town located at Chinese famous villages and towns. Specialized, rigid is this company's development premise, is fastidious about excellent, the pursue brand is the path which this company moves. This company has the excellent production equipment and the outstanding production technical personnel. Introduces the international advanced automated assembly production line, the dusting equipment, the high accuracy to measure balanced equipment and so on testing, guaranteed the enterprise produces the product overtakes the trends in the world. At present, this company product reaches 500 many kinds, produces the various types home use ventilating fan, the industry exhaust fan, the axialflow type, the centrifugal type ventilates the air regenerating device. Continues each kind of environmental protection to ventilate, the air regenerating device, the noise elimination noise reduction, the dust removal and so on ventilates the environmental protection project the design manufacture and the installment. This company had many kinds of products through Germany “GS” the authentication, China “CCC” and so on authentication. The company while the land establishes the huge sales network, the product also sells in distant markets European and American, Australian, the Middle East, Southeast Asia market, the depth the user high praise.
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